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All these pictures will be appearing around the cultural hub of Swindon on 26th November as miniature magnetic masterpieces. Why not come along from 12.30 and take one home with you... It's free to submit a piece, and free to take one home. It really is... something for nothing :-)

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The deadline for new entries has now passed but it'd be lovely to see you on the 26th November

To allow us to celebrate the diverse range of artistic talent please only submit one entry. If there is the possibility we may need more than one contribution we will be in touch.

The image needs to be in a 4:3 or 3:4 ratio (so any variation of 8cm x 6cm, 9cm x 12cm etc) if not your picture will be cropped to fit when you upload, so check first :-)

If your upload is successful your image should appear in the gallery once you've hit the upload button. Please click on the image to check all your info shows. If you have any problems or want to make any changes please do not hesitate to email

Please enter as much or as little info as you wish about the piece and about you and your practise. You could include details like title, medium, size, price, your contact details or website url... or just a little about you and why you decided to take part :-) it's your choice.

Once uploaded your work will be turned into 2 magnets measuring 5cm by 6.68cm, one for you and one for the exhibition. This exhibition is open to everyone so your work and words must be suitable for a family audience, thankee :-)

If you are interested in taking part in the Wyvern Theatre gallery exhibition please email Your work will need to be available to hang between 26th Nov and 2nd Dec.

The postal and email address are only required for administration purposes and will not be displayed.

So what are you waiting for...? Join us in celebrating the artistic diversity of Swindon and have some fun :-)