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We'd love to hear what you think about the project, whether as a contributing artist or a lucky owner of a new fridge magnet. Please include an email address if you'd like a reply or to be kept in touch with future projects, it will not be displayed on the site.

If you'd like to comment on an individual work please leave you feedback on the picture in the gallery.

Thanks ever so for being involved :-)

Thoughts so far...

Lisa Coleman

A lovely project, love the idea that someone can choose their favourite and take it home :)

Lisa x


Hi. Just read the adver and I think this is a great idea for swindon. I believe to get the public's attention a prise should be awarded, which I am happy to offer £500 for the winner, regarding my business is also mentioned.



Hi Jay, Thanks for the generous offer - maybe sponsorship of a future event would be possible :-)

Halo Quin

This is an utterly fantastic project! Thank you to those who are making it happen. I look forward to seeing more in the future, please keep me posted!

Ann Corrigan

what a wonderful idea and what a lovely diverse range of artwork

Helen Miah

So pleased this gallery is growing and gorgeous fantastic work Sarah xx

Emily Wang

This is a great idea, well done Sarah for all of your hard work and continued love of all things creative, Swindon needs you :) x

Celia Martin-Perez

I have received my fridge magnet and it's lovely. Thanks so much for organising this fantastic project, Sarah. You are a star!

Ben McKendrick

Love the event, love the work, love my fridge magnet. Hope you consider doing another one. It's a winner on so many levels. Hats off to you. Congratulations!!!

Ms Nightingale

A great place for people to be able to cut their artistic teeth on the net and have some accolade from public appreciation. There are some wonderful pieces of work here. Looking forward to receiving my magnets. See you at the exhibition!!

Vicky Silver

Brilliant concept. thank you for making it so easy to participate. great to see so many Swindon artists in one place.


Fantastic project! Thanks for organising it.


Thank you Sarah. Very enjoyable event and so many wonderful pieces of work.